Anita StewartTHANKS for your votes!!! On November 2nd, 2010, I WON WITH 82,404 VOTES AT 37.74% OF THE TOTAL VOTES CAST! I spent less than $300 for my campaign!

On that Oil Spill… The local citizens here in Tampa Bay that still agree with the drilling are simply responding to the slick advertising campaigns by BP that inundate our TV programming during prime time hours. The long term affects to our environment, wildlife and beaches will be huge not to mention the human impact, the toxic effects and medical/health ramifications. Tourism brings in about $65 billion to the state’s economy. Florida’s tourism industry, our ONLY industry will die out if there are no clean beaches for tourists to visit. 

I have a sincere love for the Tampa Bay area and an honest desire to preserve our fragile ecosystems, promote growth by “greening” in all aspects and at all levels and deal with integrity regarding our environmental issues. Responsible stewardship of the lands and waters! No selling or misusing our precious lands and waters or handing them over to the corporations! My vision is to eventually see Tampa Bay and all of Florida adopting the use of alternative fuels, community gardens in every neighborhood, and sustainable green businesses…let’s keep our goods and food local and support each other economically at the same time!

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